Wednesday, 23 April 2014

...beautiful submissions....

We know you would like to see some of the other entries to our Textile Jigsaw of Words competition.  Sadly, it's not possible for us to offer you all a free place on one of our workshop, but if you've submitted a patchwork piece and are able to join us for a workshop this year (where there are still places available) we're offering as an incentive a 10% discount - see our website; and 5% off any of next year's (dates will be available at the end of September).  Use the code TJW14.

Jane Whigham

Denyce Aresti

Denyce Aresti

Jone Hallmark

Isabella Simpson

We'll be posting more pieces over the following week as well as images of the progress we are making on the final quilt.  All and any feedback most welcome.

Sunday, 20 April 2014

.... and the winner is.....

At last!  All the workshop leaders have chosen their favourite jigsaw submissions and the majority verdict is that Claire Sounes' three beautifully executed and creative pieces made her a worthy winner. We are extremely grateful for the seventy plus entries from all over the world - we know how much thought and hard work was involved in thinking through and then creating each piece.  Everyone entered the spirit of the competition and we anticipate a beautiful final quilt (though it might be some months before it is completed);  our plan then is to auction it to raise funds for the Cambodian Childrens Fund

AS you can imagine, it was a tremendously difficult task for the workshop leaders to choose their favourite piece as there were so many brilliant submissions, but the three that Claire submitted  reached the finishing post with a majority of one vote! and she will be joining us for one of our workshops later this year.  Over the next few weeks, however, we will be posting photographs of many of the other submissions and cataloguing our progress with the quilt.  We very much hope that you have had as much fun as we have collaborating with this project.

Thursday, 17 April 2014

... announcement pending.....

We were absolutely delighted with the number and quality of entrants to our Textile Jigsaw of Words competition and the plan was to announce the winner at our Reception on Monday evening. Unfortunately one or two of the workshop leaders  - who were to choose the winning submission - were unable, at the last moment, to attend so we felt it only fair considering the amount of work that everyone had put into their pieces, that the absent workshop leaders were given a chance to vote and images have been sent out to them.

Many apologies, therefore for keeping you waiting to discover who has won the prize of a free workshop place later this year.  We promise to let you know within the next couple of days.

Meanwhile, here are a few examples of the very high quality of the entries.  We'll be posting more over the next few weeks....

Monday, 7 April 2014

.... last minute bag buys....

We're fortunate to have one of the best and largest brocantes/vide greniers as a monthly visitor to our local village and yesterday it was choc-a-block full of goodies as usual.  

Meanwhile, we've been busy putting together the goody bags for our reception next week, and fortunately had left enough space for some of the lovely vintage haberdashery items we found at the brocante.  We thought you'd like to see some of them, especially if you're planning to join us for the Raystitch Reception on Monday, 14th April!!  We still have a few places open for the morning and afternoon sessions if you haven't replied yet, but don't delay in contacting us if you like the look of our purchases below!

Don't forget that our workshop leaders will be judging our Textile Jigsaw of Words competition at the Reception.  There's still just enough time to make one or two and post them to us; surely worth the haste when you could win a free place on a Les Soeurs Anglaises' workshop?

Monday, 31 March 2014

... bags of fun...

We thought you might like to see how our "goody bags" are coming along.  We'll be handing out these pouches, full haberdashery treasures, to visitors to our Raystitch Reception on Monday, 14th April.  We still have a few places available throughout the day when you can meet some of our workshop leaders, so do please drop us a note if you are interested in joining us for one of the sessions.

Antique French linen lined in coating gingham

Lavender from the gardens of Les Soeurs Anglaises

Antique glass headed pins


If you're in the surfing mood, there's a great post about Les Soeurs Anglaises on Caroline Rowland's on-line 91 Magazine's delightful blog Patchwork Harmony.   

Saturday, 22 March 2014

…. time to get cutting…..

If you haven't already started on your piece of our Textile Jigsaw of Words, this weekend might be a good time.  There's only a few weeks left now until our Reception with Raystitch (14th April) when our workshop leaders will all be casting a vote as to the best and most creative submission.  The prize for the winner is a free place on one of our workshops this year, where there are still places available, so hopefully worth the effort downloading the template and instructions, followed by a few hours of creative  stitching (don't forget your quote!)

To help you along, the talented and delightful Claire Wellesley-Smith, who is leading the Slow Colour and Stitch workshop for us in May, and whose superlative patchworks are continuously inspirational, has this advice:

"I've always loved searching out old unfinished scraps of patchwork and quilts. They are like little snapshots - the fabrics giving clues to their age and to the lives of the women who stitched them.   (By the way the hexagons shown in the image will be used at my workshop)."

And if that doesn't get you going, I've always found that when stuck for a idea, a long walk - especially at this time of year -  is what I need to get the creative flow moving.  There's nothing like the first of the spring flowers after a long cold winter to inspire.  Here are a few that are have felt brave enough to show show their faces round here recently…….

Saturday, 15 March 2014

.. an invitation….

We're delighted to announce that Les Soeurs Anglaises are joining forces with London's prettiest, newest and most charming haberdashery, Raystitch, to run two dressmaking workshops over the summer 2015 down here in South West France.  More about that later, but to celebrate our exciting collaboration we will be welcoming past and future participants to a reception at Raystitch's boutique in Essex Road, Islington on Monday, 14th April!

It promises to be a fun day in town with Raystitch offering a 10% discount to invitees on everything in the shop, as well as further discounts on Les Soeurs Anglaises workshops if you confirm an interest in joining one.   Most of LSA's 2014 workshop leaders will be attending and you'll have a chance to meet  and discuss with them any questions you have about their work and teaching plans.  

We will also be announcing the winner of our 
Jigsaw Patchwork

There will be three reception sessions throughout the day and it will be a great opportunity for LSA past participants to meet up with old friends.  We're also looking forward to introducing ourselves to those of you who haven't managed yet to get to a workshop with us;  this should be the perfect time to find out more about us and what we have to offer with the added bonus of simultaneously discovering the best place in town to buy all your sewing bits.  

So if you're within striking distance of London and you'd like to join us for drinks and nibbles at some point during the day, please email us as soon as possible with your address and we'll make sure you get  a personal invitation!  Don't delay as numbers are limited.

And if you're simply curious to discover more about the kind of wonderful fabrics and haberdashery items that Raystitch sell, below is a photograph of a couple of pillow cases that LSA have made recently with two meters of their Eloise Renouf 100% organic cotton. It's a lovely soft Liberty lawn-like cotton but with up-to-the-minute patterns, and the result would flatter any bedroom.  Not too girly, yet utterly charming and spring-like!.